Matt Blank

Uri Geller

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Uri Geller is famous around the world for his psychic and mind-bending abilities. He has led a unique life shrouded in debate and controversy. He’s also incredibly well known for being able to bend spoons with just the power of his mind.

Interview conducted 28th March 2002

Questions to Uri Geller

  1. When did you write your first book?
  2. You’re on tour at the moment. On your tour exactly what do you do? Because people that don’t know much about you might say, “Isn’t the show over after you’ve bent one spoon”?
  3. What do you say to all those professors and other scholars who criticize your work saying it is mere psychology and not a ‘gift’?
  4. Sometimes your powers fail you. What do you say to the people that witness you fail?
  5. Can you predict when you’re going to have a bad day?
  6. Does anyone else in your family have the gift to bend metal?
  7. So how did you break the news to your family that your were going to become a spoon bender come psychic, rather than a doctor or a lawyer?
  8. Were you scared when you first discovered your powers of bending spoons?
  9. Your mother thought you might have inherited your powers from Sigmund Freud as you are distantly related to him. Now unless I’m wrong, or you can give me an exclusive here… Freud could never bend spoons or read minds!?!? So what power could have you inherited from him?
  10. Do you feel that your work is spiritual, or in some way influenced by God?
  11. Which is your favourite Spice Girl?
  12. Michael Jackson last year was your best man at your wedding. Explain when you met Michael for the first time and what it was like.
  13. When did you last speak to him [Michael Jackson]?
  14. What was the last thing you saw at the cinema?
  15. Were you credited for the spoon bending scene in ‘The Matrix’
  16. I’ve got a spoon with me. Would you be able to bend it over the telephone?
  17. Can you bend liquids as well as solids?
  18. Who’s mind would you like to read and why?
  19. Can you play the spoons?
  20. How much money do you spend every year on cutlery?
  21. Do you have a special discount deal with a shop that sells spoons?
  22. Teaspoons and Tablespoons, or to put it in other words lighter objects, heavier objects. Is there a difference when you’re bending them? Or is that because you’re not using physical strength it doesn’t matter?
  23. What’s a ‘Minnie-Geller’?
  24. How would you say you’ve contributed to the good of mankind?