Matt Blank

Nancy Cartwright

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Nancy Cartwright is an American voice actress, best known for providing the voices of Bart Simpson and other famous characters on The Simpsons. She also plays Chuckie Finster on the children’s television series Rugrats.

Interview conducted 28th January 2004

Questions to Nancy Cartwright

  1. The Simpsons started 17 years ago, and fourteen years ago they got their own series. Do you still get excited with every recording you make, or has it become a bit mundane now?
  2. Do you do the script reading one day, and record the next?
  3. You originally auditioned for the character of Lisa, why didn’t you get that?
  4. Did you ask to audition for Bart, or did they suggest that to you?
  5. Was there one voice straight away that you thought this is it, or did you come up with many ideas for a different sound of Bart Simpson?
  6. Does the future of the Simpsons rely on the voice actors? So if you were to quit, would the show fall apart and finish, or do you think they would get someone else in to do the voice?
  7. I read that a couple of years ago the cast threatened to go on strike unless you got a pay rise. Now you get around 50 grand a show. Does this say that you are purely in it for the money or are you here for the love and fun of providing entertainment for others?
  8. How much is your voice insured for?
  9. Knowing Bart inside out now do you get involved with writing or making up lines for the character?
  10. Cartoon wise you’ve also been in Rugrats and My Little Pony you have also featured in TV programmes such as ‘Cheers’, ‘Fame’, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’, ‘Baywatch Nights’ and films like ‘Godzilla’. Do you ever crave for a big TV or film role?
  11. Do you wish that when you go out in public you get recognised more?
  12. You did have a number one hit with ‘Do the Bartman’. Can you sing any of that for us?
  13. One of the charities you help with is ‘Famous Fone Friends’. This is a charity that organises famous people, or in your case characters, to phone and speak to sick children. What sort of stuff do you say to the child on the other end of the phone?
  14. If a celebrity could phone you to talk to you, just like ‘Famous Fone Friends’, which celebrity would you like to talk to?
  15. Knowing Bart really well, at what age do you think Bart Simpson will lose his virginity?
  16. Do your children Lucy and Jack find it bizarre to hear their mother on TV, or can they comprehend that what they are seeing is Bart Simpson, and not mum?
  17. We constantly see Homer at Barts throat. As a mother do you condone this sort of behaviour?
  18. When the ex President George Bush said they should be “More like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons”, do you think he just hadn’t watched an episode?
  19. I was wondering if you could record a voice mail for my phone?
  20. You’re intending to come to Edinburgh this year to perform a one-woman show. What’s it called?
  21. Is it true you once said “I don’t use the voice of Bart when I’m making love to my husband, but Marge’s voice turns him on a little”?
  22. How would you say you’ve contributed to the good of mankind?