Matt Blank

Michael Ninn

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Michael Ninn is an adult film director who uses cutting-edge technology in his films that are on par with big budget movies. He has won high profile awards and sold the rights to his name and production company to Spearmint Rhino.

Interview conducted 2nd December 2003

Questions to Michael Ninn

  1. Michael what you have done for pornography in your career is what the Beatles did for music, what George Lucas did for sci-fi and what Delia Smith did for cooking. You are the Steven Spielberg of the porn world. How does it feel?
  2. Having a fairly successful business in adverts and music videos, why in 1992 did you decide to move onto porn?
  3. You’ve been doing adult movies for 10 years now. Have you celebrated your 10th Anniversary in anyway way or are you planning to?
  4. What do you get your kick out of?
  5. How much do you look to spend on one of your movies?
  6. Do you get the most satisfaction knowing that people get sexually aroused by your movies? Or do the awards and the money turn you on more?
  7. Do you ever sit down and watch one of your own movies and get turned on?
  8. Don’t you get turned on when you’re directing? Do you have to take an absurd amount of trips to the boy’s room?
  9. When they’re older, how are you going to tell your young children what you do for a job?
  10. Do you ever sit back and think, “How perverted am I????”
  11. Do you personally, have a healthy sex life?
  12. What happened to your first marriage? Did the porn get in the way? Did you ask her to be in one of your movies?
  13. Have you ever had a threesome?
  14. In your film ‘Sex’ we see an actor Gerry Pike. Were you happy with his performance?
  15. If you could get any Hollywood actor to star in one of your movies, which one would it be and why? Pick a male and a female.
  16. The emails and letters you get from women…are they mainly lesbians or heterosexuals?
  17. 10 years ago you just started making adult movies. Where do you see yourself in another 10 years time? Do you still see yourself in adult movies, or digressing somewhere else?
  18. Is there any other aspect of the entertainment world you would like to go into?
  19. Have you ever thought of doing a cartoon movie of porn?
  20. What’s been your biggest challenge so far in your career?
  21. How did you tell your mates that you were going into porn?
  22. Have you ever tried to get a celebrity into one of your movies?
  23. Obviously your children are quite young still, but would you like them to go into the same sort of line of work that you do?
  24. What do you look for when you cast your movies?
  25. Due to your movies being quite actor based, do you ask them to bring a monologue with them to the audition and sing a show song?
  26. What happens if you get a really stunning woman auditioning for you, but she is an incredibly bad actress?
  27. We’ve talked about the casting, so what I was wondering is whether you would like a handsome young Brit in your movies? If so…is there a part for me?
  28. How would you say you’ve contributed to the good of mankind?