Matt Blank

Matt Frewer

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Matt Frewer is a Canadian American stage, TV, and film actor. Acting since the early 1980s, he is probably best known for portraying the stuttering 1980s icon Max Headroom and the retired villain Moloch in the movie adaptation of Watchmen.

Interview conducted 28th July 2010

Questions to Matt Frewer

  1. You’ve been in the entertainment industry for 30 years. Has it gone quickly?
  2. What’s been your hardest audition?
  3. Have you ever screwed up an audition?
  4. One of the biggest roles you’ve done was the iconic 80’s stuttering Max Headroom. The complete series ’20 Minutes Into The Future’ is being released in a few weeks time. Are you happy that Max is being re-introduced more than 20 years since you hung up your fiberglass suit?
  5. As Max, you famously did the Coke adverts in the 1980s. So in real life are you a Coke or a Pepsi guy?
  6. You were interviewed live as Max Headroom, did you have certain words you had to say so the tech crew could create the stutter?
  7. Did you ever want to go public dressed as Max Headroom?
  8. Did you ever try and bring the costume home to the wife?
  9. Was the look of Max Headroom based on you, or was it mainly prosthetics that created the physical look?
  10. Out of all the people you interviewed, who was your favourite?
  11. Did you ever get to sing with Tina Turner?
  12. What’s your favourite song?
  13. Out of your career, have you kept any memorabilia?
  14. Is there a Max comeback?
  15. What is the future for you?
  16. You’ve done quite a lot of Sci-Fi stuff. Do you seek out these roles? Are you a big Sci-Fi fan?
  17. One of the roles you’ve done was in Star Trek. Did you have a legion of Trekkie’s following you after that?
  18. Did you get recognised a lot in the 1980s with Max Headroom
  19. You represented one of the most technological icons of the 20th Century. But how gadget orientated are you?
  20. Would you say the 1980s is your favourite era
  21. Have you seen any 3D movies?
  22. You were in the digital TV adverts as an old Max Headroom. If Max was to rear his head again would it be an older Max Headroom, or with prosthetics would you pull off what he looked like back in 1985?
  23. When you put all those prosthetics on for those adverts, was it like stepping back in time?
  24. How would you say you’ve contributed to the good of mankind?