Matt Blank

Sir Cliff Richard

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Sir Cliff Richard has dominated the British music scene since the 1950s and has remained a popular personality in the UK ever since, whilst retaining a big following in other countries. He has sold more than 250 million records worldwide.

Interview conducted 2nd December 2003

Questions to Sir Cliff Richard

  1. Now before we start how would you like me to address you? Is it Sir Cliff, or simply Cliff, or Mr. Richard?
  2. Your new album ‘Cliff at Christmas’ is out now, and you’re new single ‘Santa’s List’ is out next week. You’ve released over 100 singles in your 45-year career, and countless albums, do you still get nervous with every new release?
  3. What are your predictions for the release?
  4. In later years you have been famed for your Christmas songs, your last big huge number one for Christmas was ‘Millennium Prayer’. This song came under fire when released, many radio stations refused to play it and the media along with the general public seemed to criticise it. Why was that do you think?
  5. You were mixing religion with popular music. By doing that were you a bit apprehensive at first? Were you thinking that maybe you were putting your credibility on the line by doing it?
  6. In hindsight do you regret releasing it?
  7. There are not many artists who have survived four decades in your industry. Over the years many stars reach superstardom level but then 10 years later they are no more. What’s your secret, how have you made sure that you are always at the forefront of music, and still able to produce number one records?
  8. You’ve updated one of your songs in the past, which was ‘Living Doll’. Now which version do you prefer? Your original, or your one with The Young Ones?
  9. You’ve admitted in recent years to having Botox treatment. Do you feel pressured to still look young?
  10. You’ve been a sex symbol for years; women have gone and are still going crazy for you. What’s the funniest or most bizarre way a woman has ever tried to chat you up, or come onto you?
  11. Are you terrified of getting mobbed when you go our in public? I take it you can’t use public transport?
  12. With all you have accomplished, you’ve obviously earned a lot of money, and you are an incredibly rich man, therefore there’s not much stopping you living the life of luxury. Obviously you’ve done a lot for charity, which is very commendable. But would you say from your experience that money can buy happiness?
  13. Being driven by chart success, what now? Do you see a time in the near future when you would want to stop making records? Or do you see yourself in another fifteen years still in the studio?
  14. You have an incredible following; very dedicated fans. However much of today’s youth are into their rap music, or interested in a celebrity if they’ve got that bad boy image. You’ve always had a very squeaky clean image. Are you afraid that one day you may lose the younger generation?
  15. It must be very tiring, as you’re going to Germany this week, you were in America two weeks ago, so you’re traveling all around. Don’t you get very tired and with the time changes, how do you feel?
  16. You’re one of the most celebrated English stars in history; you’ve won numerous awards, and have had 14 number one hits, as well as dozens of top 10 singles. You also may be gearing up for you 15th number one hit next week. With all this success have you never had the urge to settle down and share it with someone? You’re 63 now, you’re not married, are you looking for love?
  17. Boxers or Briefs?
  18. How would you say you’ve contributed to the good of mankind?